Glitch Assassin Update 2.0!

Hello everyone! 

I'm glad to announce that update 2.0 for Glitch Assassin is now available for download! Apologies for the delay, things were pretty hectic for a while there.. I really hope you enjoy the changes in this update, and expect more frequent updates dropping soon!

The update includes:

  • Interactive Weapon Customisation
  • A new action packed Office level
  • 2 Handed Pistol grip
  • Different coloured enemies per enemy type (AR/Bomber/Standard)
  • Improved hitboxes
  • Enemy bullets are visible
  • Improved tutorial
  • Teleportation mechanic more responsive
  • Anti-Cheat colliders to stop you poking your head through objects
  • Reload process is much more fluid
  • You can now adjust height and controller angles in settings @ HQ
  • Haptic feedback
  • Health visualised better
  • General Misc optimisations - StartUp time down to 4 seconds

Coming up next:

  • Global Leaderboards 
  • Multiplayer features

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Feb 18, 2021

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